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Soaring Upwards

What is Soaring Upwards?

  • “Soaring Upwards” is the tagline for Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education.

  • The tagline is used to portray Malaysia’s higher education landscape that is progressively improving, while at the same time, it acknowledges that continuous efforts are needed to propel the nation’s higher education to the next level.

  • The phrase Soaring Upwards came to life because in recent years there have been many success stories and achievements within Malaysia’s higher education landscape that members of the public are not aware of. Thus, the tagline is meant to be a rallying point for all higher education stakeholders and a trigger for members of the public. In this regard, when someone says ‘Soaring Upwards’, many will understand that this refers to an achievement, a success or something to be proud of.

  • Soaring Upwards also seeks to acknowledge the hardwork and efforts of higher learning institutions (HLIs), which include public and private universities, colleges, polytechnics, as well as community colleges, as well as their researchers, lecturers and students, who have contributed to Malaysia’s improving position in the global higher education map.

The Soaring Upwards logo

 Logo Soaring Upwards small

  • The Soaring Upwards logo design was the brainchild of Ms. Farah Natasya Idris, a graphics and design graduate from Universiti Selangor (UNISEL).

  • A key feature of the logo is the yellow and orange Soaring Upwards arrow, which features a small dip at the beginning, followed up a pronounced upwards trajectory which expands as it rises.

  • The arrow is designed to depict the nature of progress – namely that before any rise, there is a fall. The small dip in the logo acts as a reminder that there have been and will be challenging times, but with hard work and preseverence, there will be a rise.

  • The expanding upwards trajectory of the logo acts as a motivation that success can have a big and positive impact for those involved.

  • The gold and orange colours were chosen to depict hope and inject a sense of freshness through the vibrancy of the colours.

  • The Soaring Upwards logo design is completed with 2 key texts, namely the word “Soaring Upwards” itself as well as “Malaysian Higher Education”. The former speaks for itself, while the latter is to portry its exclusivity to Malaysia’s higher education.

The Soaring Upwards Hand Gesture

  • The Soaring Upwards hand gesture is an integral part to the battle cry.

  • The hand gesture consists of the right hand and arm, being position diagonally across the abdomen and chest in the shape of an arrow. The pictures below show how this is done.

Soaring Upwards 1
Soaring Upwards 2

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