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1. What are scholarships offered by Ministry of Higher Education?

i. Lecturers at Institutions of Higher Education
• Bumiputera Training Scheme (SLAB) / Public Institutions of Higher Education (PIHE) Academic Training Scheme for Lecturers (Public Universities) (SLAI)
Sub-Specialist / Postdoctoral
• Full Scholarship with Study Leaves for Officers in Higher Education Service Scheme
• Partial Scholarship for Officers in Higher Education Service Scheme
• Postgraduate Diploma In Enterprenuership

ii. Non Academic Staffs at Institutions of Higher Education (Public)
• Training Award for Non Academic Staffs at PIHE

iii. Students of Higher Education Institutions
• Technical Academic Staff Training scheme
• Sports Scholarship
• Financial Assistance for PIHE Foundation Students (Foundation)
• Financial Assistance for Community College Students
• Education Loan Fund
• Modular Courses – Community College (Ministry of Higher Education)

iv. People with disabilities/ Special Needs
• Financial Assistance for Polytechnic Special Education Programme
• Financial Aid for Students with Special Needs in Institutions of Higher Education

v. International Students
• Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS)
• Malaysian Technical and Cooperation Programme (MCTP)
• Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

vi. Public and Private sectors
• MyPhD
• MyMaster
• MyPhD Industri
• MyBrainSc

2. Where can I get information about the sponsorhip programmes at MOHE?

All information about the sponsorship programmes can be obtaines from the link as follows:

3. What are the differences between scholarships and loans?

• Scholarship
i) Student who is awarded a scholarship subjected to a binding agreement with surety bond to serve for the government for a certain period of time upon completion of studies.
ii) Students shall be released from any binding agreement if the government is unable to arrange or offer a work placement for the students after 12 months upon completion of studies or the students will pay for the penalty as stipulated in the agreement.

• Loan
i) Education Loan is provided for Education at College Community only
ii) The students who receive the loan should repay in instalments after 6 months completing their studies.

4. What type of loan is offered by MOHE?

The programme is called Education Loan Fund that is offered to students at Community College. This loan is subjected to certain requirement.

5. Is the loan a type of variable Loan?

No, It is not. The loaner should repay the total amount of loan without any reductions.

6. What are the procedures to apply for the scholarships/loans?

Please refer to the programme information for more details.

7. I am one of the MOHE scholars. Where can I find forms related to my scholarship programme?

All forms can be downloaded from the link as follows:

8. What should I do if I have been offered a scholarship from MOHE while I also receive another sponsorship?

If the student opts to accept the offer from MOHE, the student should decline other sponsorships.

9. I am one of the MOHE scholars. What is the procedure to change my postal address?

For any updates of personal details, the student should acknowledge the Scholarship Division immediately through email or post

10. How does a student claim for the tuition fees they already made?

The student should provide a letter to claim and an official receipt from university to Scholarship Division for claiming process.

11. How do I know whether my application is successful? Will I be notify by letter or email?

The results will be announced online at MOHE website.




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