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Entrepreneurship Programme

Institution of  Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia have implemented the Entrepreneurship Programme to inculcate and expose students to  entrepreneurial values and skills,  which include aspects of leadership, innovation, creativity, resilience, competitiveness, independence, calculated risk and the ability to identify and create opportunities (opportunity identification and creation).

The Higher Education Entrepreneurship Development Policy was launched on 13 April 2010 in order to enhance the Entrepreneurship Programme. The aim of this policy is to encourage the development of a more holistic and well organised Entrepreneurship Programme. The implementation of the  policy is aimed at producing graduates from institutions of higher education with  thinking and entrepreneurial attributes; increasing the number of entrepreneurs among graduates involved in business as a catalyst for the achievement of economic transformation of the country from a middle to a high income economy and at the same time produce academics with values, skills, thoughts and entrepreneurship attributes  (entrepreneurial academics).

Entrepreneurship education is an important component to produce a creative and innovative society as desired under the Innovation Human Capital Development Plan. In addition, under the Critical Agenda Programme (CAP), the entrepreneurship education programme is significant in helping to ensure graduate employability among the graduates of institutions of higher learning. 

Further information on the entrepreneurship programme  can be obtained from the DHE website