Corporate information of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) for public reference such as Introduction, Vision and Mission, Organisation Chart, Minister and Deputy Minister, Top Management and others.
MoHE plays an important role in creating the finest higher education ecosystem in the Public Universities (PU), Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEI), Polytechnics and Community College. These institutions are the main components in the national education ecosystem and training that will generate first-rate thinkers, scholars, masters, skilled and semi-skilled manpower in accordance with their respective roles.
High Quality Tertiary Education, Excellent Individual, Prosperous Nation
Sustaining a quality higher education ecosystem in order to develop the potential of individuals and meet national aspirations
  1. Announce the results of student admission applications within 30 working days before the registration of new students to Public Universities, Polytechnics, Community Colleges and ILKA.
  2. Issue Scholarship/ Loan offer letters to in-service officers and students within seven (7) working days after the authority’s approval.

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